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Catholic Deliverance Prayer Ministry

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A Deliverance Prayer Ministry based on the Five Keys as presented in the book “Unbound: A Practical Guide To Deliverance” by Neal Lozano


UNBOUND Deliverance Prayer is a safe, gentle, non-confrontational freedom and healing prayer model that helps people reclaim their true identity in Christ as sons & daughters of God the Father. Unbound prayer ministry focuses on people, NOT evil spirits. It is a quiet, loving, reproducible model that helps people respond to the good news of the Gospel and apply truth to their lives using “The Five Keys” of Unbound ministry.


Unbound is a ministry of healing in which a trained prayer team prays with individuals to assist them in overcoming the spiritual obstacles they encounter in their path of Christian discipleship and take hold of greater freedom in Christ. This ministry uses the Five Keys of the Unbound model of deliverance developed by Heart of the Father Ministries ( Individuals who come for Unbound prayer share their personal story related to the area where they sense they need freedom and are led by the prayer team through a series of prayers based on the Five Keys of Unbound to close the doors on sin and evil influences & unlock the door to the Father’s plan & blessing for your life.


-Repentance & Faith




-The Father’s Blessing


Anyone who is…

-worried, stressed, experiencing chronic fear or anxiety

-suffering from procrastination, perfectionism, or approval-seeking

-living with chaos, drama or overwhelming difficulties, relationship struggles

-feeling shame, guilt, inadequacy, unworthiness or depression

-feeling hurt or wounded by a situation, person or place, inability to forgive

-feeling they have settled for second best and are not living an abundant life in Jesus

-struggling with the same bad habits or patterns or confessing the same sin again and again

-experiencing prolonged grief, anger, sadness, loneliness, bitterness or resentment

-feeling hopeless or who doesn’t feel they have a personal relationship with God

-wishing to tap into the power of the Gospel

-struggling with addictions or addictive behaviour

-frustrated with their spiritual growth, has a persistenly negative view of God or self

-bound up by negative patterns or thoughts

-feeling “stuck” in your life and desiring greater freedom

-being oppressed by evil spirits

-feeling like their life has been cursed

-experiencing illnesses and pain that do not respond to medication

-experiencing a pattern of unexplained, recurring illness or pain

-experiencing a pattern of recurring injury or accidents

-wishing to help someone else

-a Pastor/Counselor wanting a greater understanding of hidden negative influences and;

-wanting to learn more about deliverance ministry

Ready…Set…Get Free!

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