About Unbound Of The Desert

We at Unbound Of The Desert are excited to announce the launch of our new ministry. We are based in Palm Desert, California and are here to serve the Coachella Valley, and beyond!

My name is Robert Calderon and I am the founder of Unbound Of The Desert. I am a born-again Christian (1983) and was drawn (called) into the deliverance ministry by my own need for deliverance many years ago. Having learned how to set myself free, the Holy Spirit compelled me to continue learning so that I could help others experience the freedom I had found. Today I operate a deliverance ministry that serves the entire Coachella Valley and I am looking forward to helping to Set You Free!

Unbound Ministry is a deliverance model created in 2003 by a Roman Catholic by the name of Neal Lozano. His Unbound model serves members of all Christian faiths and has been approved by the Catholic Church. Unbound deliverance is even being taught in seminaries and priest retreats. Unbound Of The Desert is honored to be a member of The Unbound Network, which consists of 82 ministries located around the world. "Heart Of The Father Ministries" is the official world headquarters for Unbound Ministry and may be found at HeartOfTheFather.com

Please join me now in prayer as I ask for God's blessing over this ministry...

Heavenly Father, in this world full of pain and suffering, I ask that you permit me to participate, even in some small way, in bringing the truth, which is Your Word, to those who are in need, and to reclaim and restore that which belongs to the Kingdom of God. Lord, I dedicate myself today to this worthy cause and pray that I remain always in your will as I do what I can to help those who struggle with patterns of recurring negative thoughts, emotions, memories, events and/or sinful thoughts and behaviors, and other things that can prevent them from realizing their full potential and experiencing the full extent of the love that You have for them in this life, and the next. I pray that you will shower your blessings upon all who participate in, and support this ministry, and help this ministry to grow and to bear good fruit under your guidance and protection. All honor, praise, glory, worship, and thanksgiving to You Almighty God and Father. Amen.


Robert Calderon

Unbound Of The Desert


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