Selected Bullet Points For Unbound Prayer Ministry

  • In terms of the atmosphere and mood of an Unbound Prayer session, it feels a little bit like the Catholic sacrament of confession, but it goes much deeper.

  • Everything shared during the session is held under the strictest confidence.

  • So, how does a person know if they may be under the influence of evil spirits? Answer: Has anyone ever described you as being someone who has “unresolved issues” or “emotional baggage”?

  • Unbound Prayer Ministry is a loving, confidential, Holy Spirit guided way of processing past traumatic events of one’s life.

  • Unbound Prayer Ministry is a form of assisted prayer.

  • Given the information that we now have about how the devil operates, we have come to understand that demonic torment and influence is not a random thing, but is rather a matter of personal choice. Make the choice today to claim the freedom that Christ died on the cross for.

  • “I am a Catholic, so why am I being attacked by the devil?” Answer: Things like traumatic events, unforgiven sins, and unforgiveness of others in our lives can open doors that allow entry to the enemy.

  • “It is time for us in our lives to reflect upon, and rethink the way we interpret our Christian teaching and to embrace and incorporate into our lives some of the deeper truths that are hidden in scripture” –BVM

  • Unbound Prayer Ministry helps us to identify the enemy and remove the enemy’s claims on the person.

  • Unbound Prayer Ministry is for those who struggle with recurring negative thoughts, emotions, memories, events, and sinful thoughts and behaviors.

  • Those who seek the help of this ministry desire to live Jesus' promise of abundant life and have decided to act righteously, but are experiencing blockages or bondages. They may feel unable to overcome negativity, fear, sorrow, anxiety, grief, resentment, habitual sin and compulsions, even though their minds understand that their behavior is not right or healthy. In these persistent trials, evil spirits may be at work.

  • The Holy Spirit can accomplish during a 90-minute Unbound Prayer session what no amount of counseling, therapy, medical treatment, medication, or psychiatric care can ever do!


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